72 Sleeps Till Christmas

As the summer weather starts to turn, so does our attention towards Christmas. We often find this is our busiest time of year because everybody needs a bed for visiting friends and relatives, needs extra room for people eating round the dining table or just simply something new just to show off. It could even be just a happy treat because after all, we have been good this year.


Whatever the occasion, at Furn-On we are happy to help out. Our speciality is dining sets and with over 100 items available for purchase, we are confident we will have the dining room furniture you need. And to help out at this time of year where money can become tight, we are offering 10% off for anybody who calls and orders a dining set over the telephone and quote FOX11. If you need any help in picking the right dining set, feel free to get in touch and we are here to help guiding you towards a successful end to 2011.


Furn-On Customer Services

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